A few of my favourite pictures of my performances as combatant with my late 13th century reenactment group Dawn of Chivalry.
Dawn of Chivalry mainly performs medieval combat, in the context of a knghts' tournament. On occasion, we take part in multi-group, battle reenactment. After months of training and work on my equipment, I now have the honour of being able to portray a knight.
Scarborough Castle and Beeston Castle 2021
Sir Geoffroy fighting as the Knight of the South.

Against Sir Richard on the one-v-one (sword and shield).

Battle of Evesham 2021
Fighting on the royalist side, holding the line against the troups of Simon De Montfort at the battle of Lewes (1264) and Evesham (1265). Alonside me are Sir Walter (using a so-called Maciejowsky Falchion), levies Matthew and Lindsey.

Warkworth Castle 2019
Fighting against Sir Richard, one-v-one, sword only.

View of my medieval tent. Since then some more improvements have been made.

Belsay Castle 2019
Fighting for the Wyvern household.

Morpeth Castle 2019
Fighting in my own coat of arms.

Murton Park 2019
We were invited by Equistry to help at Murton Park (Yorkshire) and they allowed us to ride their horses in armour.

Belsay Castle 2016
Fighting as the knight of the South.

With Sir William after the fights.

My second year at Dawn of Chivalry, fighting as a serjent-at-arms.

My lovely barrel helm, already battered and bruised after one or two seasons.