HEMA Schools

We have very good friends and strong links with the York School of Defence, a HEMA group in York. They can also be found on Facebook.

HEMA Associations

In this section can be found links to associations dealing with HEMA schools and clubs (not focused on medieval combat). If you are looking for HEMA treatises, we have a dedicated section on our Treatises page.

Note: unless otherwise stated, we are not affiliated with any of them. However, they provide resources for people interested in starting HEMA or starting their own study group.


A few members of the academy are members of Dawn of Chivalry, a re-enactment group focusing on medieval combat in the late 13th century (Reign of Edward I) in the form of a traveling knights' tournament. We can also be found on Facebook here.

Social Media

We also run a Facebook group called the Medieval Combat Enthusiasts North-East (of England) that can be found on Facebook there.


A study and comparison of historical wounds and HEMA hit location: Fact-checking fight-books: comparing historic injury patterns to strikes in modern European sword arts. The paper referenced in that article by Johann Keller Wheelock Matzke can be downloaded here.

We also have a fair number of images related to medieval warfare on Pinterest.