This is the list of members, their coat of arms, rank and a few words from them.

  • David Tétard
    David Tétard
    Rank: Marshal

    Quote: "Doing re-enactment and HEMA as hobbies allows me to have an almost complete experience of what it could have been like to be a combatant in the middle ages."

    Has learnt HEMA since around 2012 as a student and now has moved on to a new way of learning by self study and teaching. Has been a member of Dawn of Chivalry since early 2014 years and has the rank of Knight.

    My portfolio of re-enactment activities can be found here.

    Additionally, a selection of pictures at events by Dawn of Chivalry can be found here.
  • Lewis Kirkbride
    Lewis Kirkbride
    Rank: Knight

    Quote: There is no failure... only feedback.

    After many years of sport, Lewis finally followed a boyhood dream to learn the arts of medieval combat. He is now making up for lost time studying HEMA, reenactment combat and cinematic/stage combat, as well as performing and mentoring for local history-themed show Kynren.

  • Steve McGlen
    Steve McGlen
    Rank: Knight

    Quote: None.

  • Irv Croft
    Irv Croft
    Rank: Knight

    Quote: None.

  • Michael Hoyle
    Michael Hoyle
    Rank: Knight

    Quote: None.

  • Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall
    Rank: Sergeant

    Quote: None.